Our illustrious history on a timeline

  • 1891

    Ringsted & Semler is established

    In the beginning, wine and sherry are traded, and as a contact network is built, the range is expanded to various chemicals for different industries.

  • 1899

    Sophus Semler resigns

    Alongside his work with Ringsted & Semler, Sophus Semler has a bicycle shop, and in 1899 Semler decides to step out of Ringsted & Semler to concentrate on his own business. It is founded as Scandinavian Motor Co. and to this day still stands for imports and sales of brands such as VW and Audi.


  • 1900

    Distribution of chemicals

    Around the turn of the century, the product range becomes solely concentrated on the sale and distribution of chemicals.

  • 1938

    Sulfonamide and pneumonia

    The international crisis hits the sale of goods. Ringsted & Semler gets lucky, becoming an agent for an English pharmaceutical company, who shortly afterwards launch a sulfonamide preparation which is one of the breakthrough cures for pneumonia; the most common cause of death among people. Before the sulfonamide preparation the mortality rate following pneumonia was calculated at 34%. After treatment with the new preparation mortality dropped to 2%.


  • 1964

    Stock company

    In April Ringsted & Semler begins trading as a stock company. During the decade, trading of plastic raw materials becomes such a big business that the producers choose to control the sale of their products themselves. However, Ringsted & Semler A / S acquires new chemical commissions and moves more and more into the food industry.

  • 1975

    Agent for AVEBE

    Ringsted & Semler A/S becomes an agent for AVEBE in the Netherlands, beginning with the sale of starch products for the food industry, and later for the feed industry. The arrangement continues to be a large part of the company’s work area to this day.


  • 1991

    100 years anniversary

    Ringsted & Semler A / S can celebrate its 100th anniversary. In connection with the anniversary, 35 employees have over 10 years of service: 9 with over 25 years of employment, 4 with 40, and 2 with 50 years

  • 2008

    Ringsted & Semler A / S merges with Scandinavian Agro Food

    Ringsted & Semler A / S merges with Scandinavian Agro Food. Ringsted & Semler is the continuing company name, and now has access to a modern production facility and the challenge of producing goods that suit the integrated business trade. The customer portfolio is substantially expanded, with export customers in most of Europe and some overseas.


  • 2010

    Scagro A/S becomes a reality

    Ringsted & Semler A/S changes its name to Scagro A/S, which prepares the company for increased internationalisation.

  • 2015

    Scagro’s Food Market beats records

    Scagro’s Food Market beats records and requires even more focus. It is no longer sustainable for the Fine Chem and Fragrance market to be handled by the Food Department. Fine Chem and Fragrance are considered to have further potential and the sales organization is strengthened in this area – this turns out to be intelligent foresight.


  • 2016

    125th anniversary

    Scagro A/S celebrates its 125th anniversary and at the same time introduces the newly developed Uni Pre-FER. The product sets a new standard in its field and becomes a great success.

  • 2018

    Record turnover of iron products

    The turnover for iron products is the largest in Scagro’s history. The recession affects agriculture, which, in addition to 10 years of adversity, is hit by record low prices for their animal products and is affected by the worst drought in the century. The potato crop in the Netherlands – the foundation for Protastar Potato protein concentrate – is also hit hard and leads to a decline in their production.


  • 2019

    Positive development at Specialty Chemicals and Fragrances

    In 2015, the potential in the Specialty Chemicals and Fragrances business areas was prioritized. The area has since been strongly influenced by mergers and acquisitions – it was the right decision to upgrade in these business areas and revenue has developed very positively for Scagro A/S

  • 2020

    Covid-19, the strength of diversification and birthdays

    2020 will be remembered by most for the effect of Covid-19, which particularly affected Scagro’s Food business and especially the ingredient section. The strength of Scagro’s diversification into several independent business areas has never been more significant!

    In 2020, the feed department could celebrate two major product birthdays.

    The iron product Agro-FER turned 20 years old and the hygiene product ScanHYG 15 years. The products are still among the department’s best-selling and still going strong.


  • 2022

    Scagro A/S is taking over the activities of AIS Feed ApS

    Scagro A/S is taking over the activities of AIS Feed ApS, which has utilized Scagro A/S for a number of years

    in the capacity of production and logistics partner. The two companies’ product ranges are a good match which provides exciting new opportunities and is cause for great optimism amongst Scagro A/S.

  • 2023

    Scagro A/S buys CHEMAPACK AB

    Scagro A/S acquired the Swedish-owned company CHEMAPACK AB, which repackages and sells various chemical products in smaller packaging.