Scagro A/S develops taste for organic products in Ghana

Scagro’s Food Department launches a groundbreaking partnership with Denmark’s leading organic soybean farm in Ghana.

Throughout the past year, Scagro’s Food Division in Gesten has built up competence to create natural and organic flavor adjustments and variants of food products. This will now be utilized in Ghana to create delicious flavors for the Danish-owned Green Crop Farming Ghana Ltd.

Green Crop Farming Ghana Ltd. has been building an organic based crop production in Ghana for 5 years and is currently working on obtaining the last funding to build a plant for soybean milk, soybean yoghurt and soybean smoothies with delicious flavors variations developed by Scagro’s Food Department in Gesten.

Kenneth Guldhammer from Scagro’s Food Department is excited about the new opportunities: “When Green Crop Farming Ghana Ltd. presented the challenge, we obviously caught the ball right away. We have been working with new product lines for the development and adjustment of taste in the last year, and we are already doing well on the Scandinavian market”, says the Sales Manager.

“Ghana is experiencing growth in the food sector, and the Ghana market is very aware of organic products and reduced sugar use, as Diabetes is a growing problem in Ghana. It gives us and Green Crop Farming Ghana Ltd. a great start with the new collaboration, where Scagro A/S becomes supplier of flavor ingredients”, concludes Kenneth Guldhammer.

“The partnership with Scagro’s Food Department is crucial for us”, says Marketing Manager Diana Amenenor. “The way Scagro works is very innovative and the time to market is very short. We can launch new product variants within 14 days. This makes us the most innovative soybean plant in the world”.

For more information

Sales Manager Kenneth Guldhammer, Scagro A / S, tel. +45 61751247

Marketing Manager Diana Amenenor, Green Crop Farming Ghana Ltd., tel. +45 23260802.

Scagro on EuroTier, November 2016

Meet Scagro on EuroTier 15-18th November 2016

On the Scagro stand (Hall 22, Stand A30) we will focus on the two new products for piglet’s


Pre-FER “Intilligent feeding of iron and energy feed” in the farrowing pen and the brand new Haemoglobin booster, Combi-FER.

Both products has already achieved attention on the Danish market and we look forward to introduce the ideas behind Pre-FER and Combi-FER on the international markets.

Scagro A/S is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2016

On 24th September 2016, the trade and production company, Scagro A / S, can reflect on 125 years of activity. Scagro A/S embraces an unusual product range, from raw liquorice and hydrogen peroxide in tankers, to iron supply for piglets.


Press release:

Scagro A/S currently comprises business activities in agriculture, food, fragrance segment, pharmaceuticals and industrial products.

Scagro’s beginning

The name Scagro A/S is the result of a merger back in 2008, when Ringsted & Semler (established in 1891), combined with Scandinavian Agro Food (established in 1999).
Ringsted & Semler had developed through the years into an agency company, dealing with products for food, scents, colours, pharmaceuticals and industry – as well as embarking in animal nutrition.
Scandinavian Agro Food was established by the current Owner and Director of Scagro A/S, Christian Jensen. The foundation had been based on a self-production of goods for newborn animals, such as iron and diarrhoea products. It has since evolved to include, amongst other things, the production of dry hygiene products and the establishment of activities in the worldwide export market.

One of Ringsted & Semler’s agents was the highly refined potato protein concentrate, Protastar, from Dutch Avebe. Protastar is, as of today, the gold standard product for potato protein concentrate, and represents a significant business area for Scagro A/S.

Time does not stand still

Over time, Scagro A/S has naturally dispensed with many of the original activities that were too far removed from the core business – for curiosity’s sake one could mention the RAL cards (colour matching cards).

Food ingredients (mainly for the confectionery industry) have grown to be an essential part of Scagro’s business. The success of liquorice as “the new black” was literally the start of a completely new food concept for Scagro. Today the business regularly expands in food with new products – and the food team has also contributed to innovative customer solutions such as the bag-in-box system for hygienic handling of liquid food.

Hydrogen peroxide in tankers

With expansion, especially in the food industry, the sales organization has been bolstered with a new employee. The aim in mind is to lift Scagro’s activities in fragrance, pharmaceuticals and industry to a higher level.
“The current plight of farming shows painfully clear how important it is not to put all your eggs in one basket”, emphasizes Christian Jensen.

“Our new employee began immediately by selling hydrogen peroxide delivered by tanker,” continues Christian Jensen. “When you hear the words hydrogen peroxide most of us think of something your mother would use on scraped knees. However, when we are talking about amounts the size of a tanker, it is not quite the same area we are in, but rather the energy production industry of bio-waste through incineration!”

Nothing beats the personal touch

“Scagro would like to grow,” continues Christian Jensen. “However, it is important that our sales channels, along with the handling and underlying teams responsible for quality and documentation, are in close contact with our customers. No thing beats the personal touch and we would like to be the company that grows, without becoming “too big” concludes the anniversary Director.

Tailored taste sensation of liquid liquorice in optimized packaging

Liquid licorice in TPS Bag in Box system
Scagro has sent the first production of liquid liquorice in the form of a Bag in Box system on the market.
Sales manager Kenneth Guldhammer has focused work in this area, and is now ready to deliver in Scandinavia.

Direct dispensing from the TPS container to the customer’s production facilities.
No contact of human hands near the product, i.e. easy to avoid bacteria.
Reduced packaging waste.
Reduced delivery costs.

Scagro A / S can now deliver the complete solution for liquid liquorice.
“We have sought a solution to improve food security and to reduce packaging (drums and plastic containers),” says sales manager Kenneth Guldhammer. He continues, “In cooperation with TPS Rental Systems Scagro has solved the problem.”
Liquid licorice can be delivered in batches of 500 kg packed in a heavy plastic bag, which is transported in a collapsible container. The empty plastic bags are discarded and the empty containers folded.
Once the customer has six empty containers packed on a EURO pallet, they can be collected.
Liquid licorice can be delivered in batches of 500 kg packed in a heavy plastic bag, which is transported in a collapsible container. The empty plastic bags are discarded and the empty containers folded.

Once the customer has six empty containers packed on a EURO pallet, they can be collected.


Scagro Promotion Campaign in China and Malaysia

The Chinese swine production sector is, and has been, going through a real tough period, not least because of the severe elimination process happening. The number of ‘backyard producers’ with low pig numbers is reducing, whilst the number of large scale production centres is accelerating.

This situation demands a complete transformation of the production system, where many small companies will have to close.

A new trade convention in Xiamen, China, the ‘Swine Expo’, focuses on exactly this issue, and Scagro participated, in cooperation with our Chinese partner.

“Considering that this was a debut, the organisers set up an impressive exhibition, which successfully gathered the full scope of professional production”, says CEO Christian Jensen, Scagro.

Furthermore, he explains, “We actually made an effort so that other Danish companies were aware of The Swine Expo, but to no avail. The Danish plan trade conventions long in advance, and a debut convention is unable to supply enough information in the appropriate time. Nonetheless, it was a pity to see the foreign contribution dominated by Dutch companies.”

After the exhibition, Christian Jensen visited factories owned by Scagro’s Chinese partner, from which we import, amongst other things, special coated fat and butyrate (butyric acid) for the Danish feed sector.

Sales Director Ivan Pedersen from Scagro continued to Malaysia after the Swine Expo, in order to meet with potential new partners in this area.

“We hope to establish an opening there; as in many other countries it takes a great deal of patience and a lot of stubbornness to have feed products registered in foreign countries. The registration process is often lengthy and tedious,” says Ivan Pedersen.

“I noticed that talk of Danish production facilities and efficiency, in particular the low level of antibiotics, caught attention everywhere. It may seem strange that there is a swine production in an Islamic country. However, the Malayan population includes Malays, Indians and Chinese, so there is a relatively big market for pork. Notably because the Chinese form about 25% of the population.

Another reason is the growing desire in the whole population to adopt a western lifestyle,” concludes Ivan Pedersen.


Scagro A/S offers more organic food ingredients

Scagro A/S has entered into a strategic cooperation with a European producer of freeze-dried, organic fruits and berries in powder, pieces and whole.

Sales Manager Kenneth Guldhammer tells that there is a very wide range, covering not only the red berries, but also rhubarb, mango, peach and pineapple etc.

Organic food has become a focus product for our customers. Consequently Scagro A/S widens this range continuously in order to assist the development.

To see the whole range Click here »

jordbær4 - Kopi

Meet Scagro A/S at NutriFair 2015 in Fredericia

On 21st-22nd January 2015 Scagro A/S participates at Nutrifair in Fredericia, Denmark.

We have a wide range of our products at the fair. In general, we focus on iron supplement feed, diarrhoea, hoof health and hygiene – and when and how Scagro products can be included in the daily operations on farm.

Scagro A/S on EuroTier 2014

Scagro A/S participates in EuroTier 2014 together with our Chinese Partner Singao Co., Ltd.

Visit us in Hall 16, stand D26a.

Scagro introduces organic liquorice and other organic products

Scagro introduces more organic products


Early 2014 Scagro received the official certification, allowing us to trade organic products. This lead  us to establish a product range with more and more organic food ingredients.

“The demand for organic food is constantly rising. Consequently we have now established a basic range”, says key account manager Kenneth Guldhammer from Scagro. “We see a significant growth in our turnover in the organic range and we work constantly to find new products that match the demands from the customers for quality and documentation.”

Presently we offer organic liquorice powder, organic stevia, organic inulin fibres etc. “The next product will probably be organic liquorice granules”, predicts Kenneth Guldhammer.

The first container from Scagro A/S to South Korea is on the way

South Korea could be the next new market for Scagro A/S – the first 20″ container has just been dispatched.

Five years ago Scagro A/S established contact with an southkorean partner, who has continiously been interested in agro-industrial products from Denmark.

After intense communication it is now a fact that Scagro A/S has shipped the first container with hygiene-products, destination South Korea.

In the container there is also a sample of Scagro A/S special feed for piglets, that has to be tested in South Korea with the aim of having it approved and legalised for local distribution.

Sales manager Ivan Pedersen, Scagro A/S: “We, of course, expect these efforts to bring succes”. During the whole proces, the dialog with the new partners has been utterly constructive. Like on the Chinese market, it is essential to cooperate with a local partner, who knows the system.


It has become a tradition that the employes of Scagro A/S waves goodby to containers going on a long voyage.

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